We are extremely proud to say we've been named a finalist in
Minnesota Bride Magazine's "Best of 2013 & Best of 2014"!


About the Artist

I have loved calligraphy since I was a small child always tracing letters and flourishes

trying to figure out how it was done. I was fortunate enough to attend a wonderful

high school over 35 years ago, that offered calligraphy classes and began to learn

the basics of ink, pens and lettering styles. After raising three beautiful daughters

and sending them off to college, it was time to explore my passion of calligraphy.

I noticed an ad that was posted by a groom, looking for a calligrapher to address their

wedding invitation envelopes.  I sent them a couple sample styles and a price quote and

was hired to work on their envelopes.  When they sent the invitations to the guests, I was 

referred to several more newly engaged couples. Once I started, people just kept calling; I must be

doing something right.

I work out of my home in Central Minnesota near St. Cloud.

Renee' Polcher

 Renee' Polcher